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Monday, January 23, 2017


When China ignored the Law Of The Sea Tribunal’s decision against it, Obama issued this “sharp” rebuke to the Chinese leadership:
“Part of what I’ve tried to communicate to President Xi (Jinping) is that the United States arrives at its power, in part, by restraining itself,” said Obama in a CNN interview. “You know, when we bind ourselves to a bunch of international norms and rules, it’s not because we have to, it’s because we recognize that, over the long-term, building a strong international order is in our interest. And, I think, over the long-term, it will be in China’s interests, as well.”
Clearly, this had little impact on the Chinese who having tested the Obama Administration over the eight years, understood that they could do whatever they liked.This Reuters report from October 2015 was probably confirmation of what the Chinese would have concluded  as far back as 2013:
The U.S. naval challenge to China’s territorial assertiveness in the South China Sea this week came after months of frustration within the Pentagon at what some defense officials saw as unnecessary delays by the White House and State Department in approving the mission.
Washington’s caution also caused disquiet among some military officials in Japan and the Philippines, both U.S. security allies, feeding concerns that China’s ambitions in the South China Sea would go unchecked.
The Pentagon and U.S. military officials had been ready for months to carry out patrols, but ran into “repeated stalling” from the White House and State Department, said one U.S. defense official, who requested anonymity.
Since China’s land reclamation began in December 2013, it had reclaimed more than 2,900 acres (1,170 hectares) of land as of June, the Pentagon said in a recent report. China had reclaimed 17 times more land than the other claimants combined over the past 40 years, it added.
Pressure for action from U.S. allies in the region grew after China’s island-building became front-page news this year following the release of high-resolution satellite images that showed the scale of the work.
The consequences of Obama’s actions are easy to see, for the Chinese no longer feel the  need to conceal their actions.
This Pentagon map illustrates what China wants,or claims it needs.
This is what China has managed to acquire unhindered.
Among China’s acquisitions are  the Strait of Malacca ports in Malaysia ,which are supposed to be for trade. A World Bank study commissioned by the Malaysian government in 2015  showed a new port on Malaysia’s west coast is not necessary, as existing facilities have yet to reach capacity. That these port’s are likely to be bases for the Chinese Navy and other armed forces seems likely.
Malaysia submarine base in Sepanggar, Sabah
And then came this feat, aptly titled “Rising From The Shallows” by the South China Morning Post, which the Chinese managed to pull-off without being really bothered by the Obama administration:
INFOGRAPHIC: Surveying territorial claims in the South China Sea
Quite an achievement, given American supremacy in the region for more than 70 years,a supremacy well accepted by all littoral states.That stability is now gone and that is Obama’s legacy.
– http://realpolitikasia.blogspot.my/


Hanya dalam tempoh seminggu yang lalu saja, Najib Razak didapati telah melakukan dua kesilapan fakta yang tidak sewajarnya sebagai seorang Perdana Menteri.
Kali pertama, beliau mengatakan tanah di Forest City adalah pajakan selama 99 tahun  dan ia tidak menjejaskan dari segi kedaulatan negara apabila orang-orang dari negara China menjadi pembeli utamanya.
Ternyata kemudian melalui papan iklan, billboard dan laman web Forest City sendiri, fakta Najib ternyata salah.
Tanah Forest City memang pegangan bebas dan ia akhirnya memaksa Bernama memadam fakta pajakan 99 tahun yang disebut Najib sebelum itu dalam berita yang disiarkannya.
Kali kedua, Najib menafikan dakwaan Tun Mahathir bahawa MCA pernah meminta jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri sedangkan terbukti pada 3 April 2009, parti Cina komponen BN itu pernah berbuat demikian.
MCA ketika itu menggesa Najib yang baru menjadi Perdana Menteri agar mewujudkan jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Pengerusi BN untuk Presidennya bagi mencerminkan “perkongsian kuasa”  yang sebenar dalam negara ini.
Bagaimanakah kesilapan fakta sedemikian boleh berlaku kepada seorang Perdana Menteri?
Adakah Najib tidak tahu atau begitu tertekan dan serabut fikiran sehingga “cakap main bedal saja”  menafikan sesuatu perkara tanpa mengira apa yang disebutnya itu betul atau salah?
Ataukah Najib memang suka cakap “hentam keromo” apabila fikirannya celaru dan tertekan sepertimana yang pernah dilakukannya mengenai wang RM2,600 juta dahulu?
Ketika itu Najib dengan selamba mengatakan, kalau pun mahu menyamun, takkankan beliau melakukannya dengan memasukkan wang ke dalam akuan sendiri di dalam negara, walhal menyedari perkara itu memang pun berlaku.
Adakah perlakuan-perlakuan Najib  yang tidak sewajarnya itu yang membuatkan Zahid Hamidi tiba-tiba mengatakan hanya tinggal 6.6 peratus saja “cybertrooper” yang bersama UMNO dan kerajaan sekarang ini?
Kata Zahid, akibat ketinggalan jauh dalam perang maya itu menyebabkan persepsi negatif yang buruk kepada UMNO dan kerajaan.
Adakah Zahid juga sedang cuba mengatakan bahawa UMNO dan BN di bawah pimpinan Najib hanya menunggu masa saja untuk menemui titik nokhtahnya?
Lalu, apa perancangan Zahid seterusnya?
– http://shahbudindotcom.blogspot.my/


Mahathir, the former prime minister of Malaysia, has hit the right button when he queried on the impingement upon the country by the Mainland Chinese. Mahathir sees the traditional Malays as a people too naïve.  Throughout the history of the traditional Malay race, they have always been too accommodating that their country today is swamped with too many foreigners – the poor, the rich, the refugees and also the bad hats out to create disharmony and discords. The Malay race by nature is too complacent that many of them do not care much for their country’s fate.
Their vision in life is often blurred by religious sentiments – many giving more focus on the world hereafter.  In the process many have become pseudo-Arabs – so confused with their identity as Malay. They hitherto have an inferiority complex and deep in their psyche they tend to look up at others who are not of their own kind, though envy them tacitly. Their culture is a blend of so many cultures – mainly Indian and Arabic spiced with some animistic values in it. They have not changed much emotionally and perceptually after decades of Independence. They just cannot think big. They offer blind support to their leaders who go round telling them that they are there for the race, religion and country.
The minority of them – the New Malays – have indeed changed, at least superficially. They have a more progressive outlook in life, more affluent and live a more comfortable life with modern soupçon to their everyday chores.
Alas, another group among them have become brownnosers. This group has been nurtured by the dominant Malay party – the present Umno. Money and social status matter most to them and they care less about the future of the country. They are the pretentious type devoid of any principles in life.
The Mainland Chinese Blitzkrieg
The reality is that many Malays cannot compete and shield themselves from the local Chinese waves who are adept in business, what more with the Chinese from the Mainland. But then, the local Chinese are Malaysians and whatever they gain economically will generally be put back into this country to benefit other Malaysians. This may not be the case with the Chinese from the Mainland.
Today the country sees foreigners controlling businesses in many major towns. The Malays and other locals are pushed out of these spaces as they just cannot or refuse to compete with them. Some Malays with political connections are given business licences but these are sold or rented out to foreigners for a pittance. Umno warlords have no choice but to close an eye, as those given the licences to do business are well-connected with those in the corridor of power. When these foreigners flourish, the genuine Malays and other locals who want to do business have to bite their fingers.
Bribery is rampant and we hear drugs being pushed into the country easily through our porous borders and ports, plus when our law enforcement is quite undependable. The free-flowing drugs into the country are going to affect the Malay youth most. But no one seems to care.
The Malays in general are too feudal-minded to think out of the box. After almost 60 years of Independence Malay politicians – especially Umno – have failed to change the feudal mindset of this ethnic group. As long as this feudal thinking symptom dominates the Malays, they will be drained out by the other dominant races, foreigners and also by the shrewd politicians and the patricians who are there to siphon as much wealth as they can while in power. These politicians and those other noble ones do not have to worry much, as they have their wealth stocked in foreign countries. They can still lead a well-heeled life even when this beloved country of the proletariat fails.
Malays and their parochialistic outlook
When Mahathir spoke on behalf of the Malays and Malaysians in general that the country will be “sold” to foreigners through the latter’s economic conquests, the Malays in Umno are still in a denial mode. Mahathir lamented that many assets are already, and will soon be, in the hands of foreigners and these foreigners are not that unwise to give us “free lunch”. Regrettably the Malays are still blinded by their parochialistic outlook of the real situation facing the country and of what is going to happen to them. Why? They are supporting their warped leaders blindly come what may, perhaps out of their blind loyalty to their political and noble frontrunners who will keep on diverting the minds by doling them with “grains”.
A huge Chinese population of all social strata – from professionals to menial workers – coming from Mainland China to the country can distort the existing racial status quo of this country causing the gap between the rich and the poor to widen. In reality, the Malays will be affected most, as Mahathir said: they will have to move out of many designated areas and go deeper into the rural zones.  A case in point, the Malays and most locals generally have no means to buy and stay in posh multi-million ringgit apartments built in all the designated areas. These buildings and lands will finally be owned by foreigners. The country’s precious assets have been sold and it seems like more will get into the hands of foreigners. What the locals can do perhaps, is to just blink their eyes.
The country will be seeing foreign cultures dominating the big towns and cities. Culturally alien to the local Malays, who are generally conscientiously religious, they will see more vices and crimes of all sorts happening, as bribery involving the pathetic enforcement forces will sustain all the foreigners’ greed and needs in life. This sybaritic disease is already happening in the present midst of our society.
This should not be repeated
The country has been trampled many times before by foreign powers – the Dutch, Portuguese, Siam, British and Japanese. Today we see thousands of foreigners, illegals and refugees flooding the country. The latest, of late, is when China has been making inroads into this small country of ours. China has made inroads into many other countries in Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Tibet, etc. These countries have seen their fair shares of problems with the Chinese. China has since been militarily encroaching the many islands found in the South China Seas. When will the Malays and Malaysians in general open their eyes and be more observant and vigilant of the geo-political and economic expansion of China?
Mahathir deserves the praise for his audacity to raise this matter of importance for the benefit of our nation. A nonagenarian, he’s still alert and cognizant of the fact that the Malays are still weak and that Malaysians and the country, if in slumber will end up being subservient to foreign powers. He loves this country and he has done a lot to change the mindset of the Malays especially, though he admitted that one of his greatest regrets as a political leader was that “he could not change the mindset of his race”.
Hope with Mahathir’s latest quest for awareness the Malays will move towards changing their feudal mindset. This quest of his has since been applauded by millions of Malaysians of all races. He now expects that there will be a change to the ways politicians run this country. The threats posed by foreign powers cannot be taken lightly. History has proven that the country was colonised, lands and islands had been sold to foreigners and what belonged to the states had been given away to foreigners for some monetary gains by leaders of the past. This should not be repeated.
WRITER: Moaz Nair

Nazri To Buy Proton Iriz And Become Uber Driver, No "High Income Nation" In Tourism Malaysia, Fully Shuts Down, "Falling Ringgit Good For Malaysia" said Woody Wood Brain

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Last nite I accidentally (yes accidentally) switched on TV1. There was a guy from Fama talking (I think he was the Director of Fama). The guy was talking total rubbish. And he had air liur (sticky saliva) sticking all over his mouth as he was talking on TV. Gross betul.

Folks they are going to screw up the harvesting, supply and distribution of vegetables. The guy was saying the gomen will introduce grades for vegetables. Grade A, B, C etc.  Then the prices of vegetables must reflect their new grading system. And then the supply chain must follow their new grading system. He did not say how they will determine grade A kangkung, grade B sawi or grade C taugeh?

I foresee absolute, total disaster. If the market wants to develop its own grades, let the market do so. Some places already have different pricing for fish of different grades.  The market knows what to do. 

The market has its own regulation. It is called "if the vegetables are not fresh, the people will not buy them".

Then this Fama fellow said a kilo of Harum Manis mango sells for RM30 - RM40 PER KILO !!  I dont know which hutan this guy crawled out from.  Even Musang King Durian does not sell for RM30 per kilo. We can get Harum Manis for about RM10 per kilo.

You can buy the world's best mangoes (which are imported from India and Pakistan) at TMC Bangsar or Syed Restoran (also in Bangsar) for RM15 per kilo.  Where did this guy learn that Harum Manis mangoes sell at RM30 - RM40 per kilo?

Clueless people running the government. The people will suffer more and more.

Anyway, here is more news from the clueless.  

Recall the super woodbrain saying that the falling Ringgit was good for Malaysia? 

Well here is Berita Harian quoting super woodbrain saying that all Tourism Malaysia offices are shutting down dengan serta merta:

  • Kementerian Pelancongan tutup semua pejabat Tourism Malaysia serta-merta
  • bagi mengelak pertindihan kerja yang dijalankan di UPEN masing-masing
  • Nazri kata setiap negeri ada pejabat pelancongan masing-masing
  • katanya kementerian akan wujudkan pusat penerangan ikut wilayah 
  • Pulau Pinang, Terengganu, Johor, Kuching dan KK serta-merta
  • Kita "berasakan" lebih baik Tourism Malaysia ditutup tanpa membuang pekerja 
  • "kita menjimatkan kos sehingga RM6 juta setahun," katanya
  • Selanjutnya di : http://www.bharian.com.my/node/238545

My comments : Woi kawan, there is no Malay word "berasakan". Its 'merasakan' ok.  I checked with Dewan Bahasa and they say 'pastikan dieja dengan betul'. 

If Tourism Malaysia "bertindih" with UPEN masing-masing then why did you set up Tourism Malaysia in the first place?  Lojik tak ada lah brader.

Cakaplah terus terang brader, gomen tak ada duit. 

What about the annual  RM300 juta, RM600 juta atau entah berapa ratus juta budget for advertising and promotion in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, South Pole and North Pole yang diagih-agih kepada syarikat "tertentu" ? Itu mesti jalan lagi kan ?

The guy also says all the staff will be retained. 
Ok. But doing what? 
Office sudah tutup. Kerja sudah tak ada. 
Habis staff nak buat kerja apa? 

Absorbed by other departments ? Bertindih lagi. 

Someone once advised me - dont talk about this guy. He is too dumb.

Folks, it is obvious. The gomen is shutting down. The previous post showed Gauth Jasmon former VC of UM saying that UM will go bankrupt in three to five years. I hear talk that the gomen has budgeted for salaries for IPTAs (Budget 2017) until August this year only.  So far there is no allocation for salaries at the IPTAs after August 2017. 

The professors and lecturers at our IPTAs better start reading up on becoming Uber taxi drivers.  First sign up for BR1M, then use the BR1M money as deposit for a Proton Iriz (according to the KSU of the MOF. KSU MOF yang cakap, bukan saya cakap ok. Jangan marah saya.)

Now Tourism Malaysia is shutting down serta merta. They must have contract staff, suppliers, cleaners, transport operators, etc. All those people will be out of work as well.  

Do you all recall the Khazanah Super Morons with their ETP, GTP, high income nation etc.  And they were supposed to be the clever guys. The Cabinet Ministers are just wood brains - the whole lot of them. Do you recall a guy called Hassan Malek ? He said if chicken is too expensive, dont eat chicken !

It was just a sham. They were lying, pulling the wool over our eyes (well not mine) about ETP, GTP, high income nation while the nation was being stripped clean.  

They have no clue or idea what to do even about managing an existing economy.  Now they are even contemplating screwing up existing systems that have been functioning perfectly for a hundred years (I am referring to the supply and distribution of vegetables). 

These morons who do not understand anything about anything, especially about business and economics, want to mess with business and economics !!
So can we expect them to know anything about how to turn the economy around ?

Vice Chancellor IPTA : Hello Uber? 

Uber : Yes hello. This is Uber.

VC : I have paid my deposit for Proton Iriz. When can you pay me my new gaji?

Uber : Hello. I think you have the wrong number. 

VC : I am the VC of University Kangkung lah ! I want to be an Uber driver.

Uber : Oh ok. Just follow the instructions on our Website.

VC :  I am the VC. Do you have special grade allowances for VCs?

Uber : What is a VC? 

VC : Vice Chancellor lah. You didnt go to school ah?

Uber : I think you have the wrong number.